The Real Winner Of #GBBO

If, like us, you spent your Wednesday night on the edge of the sofa, tuned into the final of The Great British Bake Off with a cuppa and a wedge of cake, you'll know that Kate Nash look-a-like and lipstick-wearer Candice was crowned the winner of series 7. 

Yet while everyone was celebrating her success, in came the real winner of Bake Off...her pug, Dennis. He completely stole our hearts (and her limelight) so naturally, we did a lil' IG stalk of Candice's account and discovered possibly the cutest pug pics EVER.

"They're not Terry's, they're mine"

The ultimate puppy dog eyes...

As snug as a pug in a rug...

"Where's the water at?"

Monday morning feels...

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Image source: Instagram