The Single Girl’s Christmas Survival Guide

The scent of mince pies and desperation is in the air; Christmas is definitely coming. In my past, this meant that the sassy, single and zero F*** giving ‘girl boss’ I had become was about to disappear. Her replacement? An ‘I will Survive’ wailing love pariah, sobbing over The Holiday whilst reconsidering that tragic Tinder date… who wasn’t (definitely was) THAT bad.

Why did I do it to myself? The mix of sentimental TV ads, Mariah Carey’s radio takeover and conversations starting with ‘my boyfriend's getting me a…’ would lead me down an emotional black hole. 

Yes, those things are still an inevitable part of Christmas, but I’ve come to learn that the festive season without a SO is actually A-OK with me.

1. Don't drink and dial 3. Me and my sassy single crew

Of course there are a few things that all self-respecting singletons should keep in mind to ensure seasonal success…

The Drunk Dial

Just don’t do it!  No good story ever started with "so I called my ex/crush/BFF'S bro/insert other here, when I was hammered and… "

You need to be strict on this one if you want to avoid the morning after dread. This includes Whatsapp, Snapchat or any other way you may consider reaching out when under the influence.

My trick? If you can’t face an evening without Instagram, leave your danger numbers at home instead of your phone. I know it’s 2015 but there’s no shame in keeping a little black book – write those tempting digits down and enjoy deleting them at least temporarily from your contact list. Once written down, hide them in a drawer, at a friends house - anywhere out of sight and hand.

If you can do without your phone for the night, you’ll be surprised by what might happen whilst looking up instead of glued to a screen.

Money Matters

I am in a constant state of panic over money and how much to spend on everything from toothpaste to Netflix; do I really need Hollywood white teeth when minty fresh will do? Can I live without binge watching Gossip Girl this weekend? Note to self:  Er yeah probably and NO absolutely not!

This is the time of year to relax your budget (if you have one) a little. Let’s face it, as a single girl you don’t have to worry about competing with your SO to give the BEST gift ever. Instead, treat yourself to nights out with friends and buy something you really want; you know yourself better than any bae so this gift will totally be the one that you want!


Yes you are single, so own it!! In short, you owe it to every girl who is long-term coupled up to enjoy your status. As happy as that sister pashing at the party may be, I am in no doubt that she feels a little nostalgic for her uncoupled behaviour of the past. There is nothing better than getting your sass on with the girls and dancing all night long and when you do, make sure you look fierce (at least when you start the evening). This is not to attract a guy, but to remind yourself that you are 100% fabulous and why not show everyone else while you’re at it?

Merry Christmas from one single girl to another xoxo

All I want for Xmas
All I want for Xmas