The struggles of being a lefty

In light of International left handed day (yep, it’s a thing), we’ve realised the world is dominated by the right handed, and frankly, it’s a whole lot easier being a righty. With a few lefties on the Fix team (myself included) we’ve gathered some of the struggles they face every day that to the average person are pretty easy. 

1.       Having to answer the question "Are you left handed?" literally every time you do something, zzzz.

2.       Being asked to come to the front at school to write on the board . One word: smudge.

3.       The side of your hand being covered in ink after an exam.

4.       Scissors. That is all.

5.       Bumping elbows with righties.

6.       Trying to curl your hair. Absolute mare.

7.       Getting weirdly excited when you see another lefty.

Keep rocking it Lefties!!