The Stylefix team react…

To that naked pic

A casual Friday morning in the office was literally turned into chaos when we cheekily sent Usher’s 'nude' Snapchat selfie round to the rest of the team. I mean…we totally couldn’t help ourselves (soz).

For those of you who didn't catch the whole story, Usher started off by giving us a pretty casual tour around his mansion, until he slipped into the steam room where things got pretty X-rated and he decided to take his CLOTHES OFF until…well…yes WTF he was naked with nothing but a shocked emoji trying to cover his modesty. We’re not sure who’s more shocked!?

 Most of the internet is praising him for his ‘godly’ ways, this is how the Stylefix girls reacted...

Since when did he have a 16 year old's body? Where have the abs gone?!


His thighs #goals


I’m with Vicky, absolute #thinspiration right there! Also, is blowing off steam meant to be a euphemism? Or is my mind in the gutter?!


Guys, i didn’t even notice his legs…


Those pins give Kim K a run for her money …


Why is everyone looking at his thighs….


Nevermind the body, who in their right mind takes a phone into the shower/steam room? Someone who can clearly afford a replacement  


Now please excuse us while we recover.