The world according to Gogglebox

Gogglebox makes a return to our TVs tonight and we couldn't be more excited. To celebrate we've rounded up our fave Gogglebox icons and our most-loved moments when they said exactly what we were all thinking... 

1. Scarlett Moffatt... 

On politics 

"It infuriates me. I don't even understand politics but I understand that's a sh** idea."

 Giving relationship advice 

"If you like someone that much you would get on the Megabus, b****cks to the distance’

On student life

"At University we used to drink our own p*** all the time as dares. Like, it’s nowt. It’s nothing. This is sh** this."

2. Sandy and Sandra

"Mary Berry is doing something I like. Old fashioned cup of tea, nice sandwich, cut well. Not all this sh** they're putting in sandwiches now." - Sandra 

Live from Space

“That’s earth. All the blue bits are water. We’re looking at it from space. Why is the water not falling down Sandra?” – Sandy

“Coz it’s not raining.” – Sandra

3. Stephen and Chris

Watching 'Titanic'     

“How many people do you think have re-enacted this on the cross-channel ferry from Dover to Calais?”

On insects

"I hate spiders. Some of them have really big Kim Kardashian arses, don't they?" — Chris 


"Oh we all like a bad boy though, don't we?"

4. June and Leon  

On Star Wars

"I'd be delighted if Darth Vader was my father. Big strong fella." 

Jamie Oliver

"He's all: 'Whack a bit of this in, whack a bit of that in.' I could slap him."  

On Gregg Wallace

"I would empty my pan over his head if I was there." 

On the BAFTAs

"Why wasn't I there with a dickie bow?" 

On his relationship with Ashley Cole

"He upset Cheryl. So I didn’t like him after that.”

5. Steph and Dom

Steph on *that* 'Full Monty' queue scene   

"Must remember that when I next go to the Co-op."

Dom to Steph

"You were so smashed for the first four years of our relationship"

The best of the rest...

Raza Siddiqui on talent shows    

"It's called 'Britain's Got Talent', not 'Britain's Got Talent And Emotional Issues'."

Reverend Kate on Ghost       

"Who gets up in the middle of the night and make pots? Most people get up and watch Family Guy.”  


"If you watch Dr Who and you're over the age of nine you need to rethink your life."