The XCX Factor

Charli XCX 4 boohoo

This AW we launched our first exclusive collaborative collection with fully babein’
singer and songwriter Charli XCX! Seriously!!
Whilst on shoot for the launch campaign in New York, SF Editor Jen Cox chatted
to Charli about fashion, style icons and errr being fearless with fleece! You
will want to read on…

What has influenced this collection? 

It’s been cool designing things that not only I love but hopefully my fans will be in to as well. I feel like obviously there are so many collections that are referencing the 90s around now on the high street and it’s been nice to be able to make something that’s got my own twist to it, because sometimes I feel like when I’m looking for certain things I can only find it in vintage stores and I want to be able to create things that people can just get really easily and buy now. 

It’s been cool to make my dreams a reality and I think my fans will like them!

What’s a ‘girls night out’ with Charli XCX like?

A girl's night out with Charli XCX probably involves karaoke and I think like a stint at the karaoke bar will be a bit of a roller coaster ride. Like it will start off like really fun and stupid and then there might be a Sinead O’Connor moment that gets a bit too emotional and everyone’s like “okay, we should probably leave now”. And then maybe we’d like order a pizza and drink champagne… and then go to a club! So quite a long night, but fun I promise.

I would love to learn Japanese, I actually re-recorded two of my songs in Japanese  

What does the term ‘girl power’ mean to you?

Girl power, to be honest it just takes me back to the Spice Girls obviously and you know, I think that phrase it just reminds me of my childhood and reminds me of Geri Halliwell. Obviously I think it’s all still super relevant now and I think it’s cool that that phrase is still thrown around so much and it is important for girls to recognise that kind of level of feminism where it really is just about supporting other women and respecting everyone’s ideas as a woman and being able to like co-exist with other women without punching each other in the face basically! I know that’s a very simple level but I feel like for me that’s what girl power was about when I was younger, just really like appreciating my friends and what we had.

Do you really want to learn Japanese?

I would love to learn Japanese, I actually re-recorded two of my songs in Japanese but because I’m really lazy I learnt everything phonetically, so I had no idea what I was saying and I couldn’t recite any of it to you now. Technically on surface I have kind of learnt Japanese but I don’t actually know what I said or what I was doing - so no. But I would like to one day!

Do you have plans for Christmas?

Christmas plans… they’re always kind of made very last minute in my household because I never kind of know where I’m going to be and who’s going to be around. I like a TV Christmas, you know when you just kind of like have the TV on all day and you eat cake and play around in the wrapping paper you just destroyed. It will probably be something like that.

What’s the best/worst gift you have ever received?

I actually really like getting socks for Christmas. I feel like they’re a really underrated gift because I think when you get a good pair of socks it’s almost like a double whammy because you always think socks are going to be rubbish so when they’re good it’s like AMAZING they’re so good! You can make your shoes look better… that was weird. And then the worst present, I don’t know, for me like maybe chocolate because I eat all of it, and I get given a lot of chocolate so I always feel really bloated after a Christmas of chocolate.