Things Curvy Girls Are Sick Of Hearing

This week at boohoo, we’re all about celebrating what you got with beaut curve ambassador Felicity Hayward. We caught up with her on set to find out the top three things she's SO over being told... 

“Don’t listen to people tell you you’re an apple, a pear, a pineapple.... I think you should wear what you feel comfortable in and not listen to anyone else” 

“Don’t wear horizontal stripes, why would you not want to embrace your shape"  

“Don’t wear boob tubes…. Why wouldn’t you want to wear a boob tube, especially if you're on holiday and it's summer. Fashion is for everyone"

1. Felicity showing off her new boohoo tee at home 2. "I feel like this was made for me" 3. Selfie time with our girl Jourdan

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