Things We're All Guilty Of Doing On WhatsApp...

by Arun Mohammed

Whether you’re a WhatsApp newbie or long-standing group admin member, we’ve definitely been guilty of at least one of these chat crimes…

Buzz, buzz it’s me

Image credit: @thehandyj

We’ve all done this, especially in the mad group chat. It’s more exciting when you reveal your news one word at a time, right?

Ignorance is bliss

Sometimes you fall asleep, sometimes you’re watching cat videos, other times you just just CBA replying. It’s the circle of WhatsApp.

Picture perfect

That one person who fills up your camera roll with screenshots, selfies and memes. #SharingIsntAlwaysCaring

Wrong Chat

Check before you send people! There’s just no way out of accidentally sending a screenshot of a message to the person who sent it. That or a NSFW picture…

Status: Busy

Sometimes we’re at work. Occasionally we’re at the gym. And other times we’re sat in bed with a pizza and binge watching anything and everything on Netflix. Being busy comes in many forms. Like pizza.

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