Things We've Learnt Since Graduating

It's that time of year, your uni days have actually come to an end, exams are almost over and some of your housemates have already started to move home or maybe they've started their graduate role already. If you're still trying to figure out what it is you actually want to do in life do not worry; 99.99999% of graduates are in the exact same position as you, you still have plenty of time to figure it out! Enjoy the relief of graduating, whatever happens next, it's likely to be one of your greatest achievements yet. In the meantime, here's some advice from the Stylefix team.... 

Sam  - Content Assistant 

It’s gonna sound really bizarre, but one of the main things I’ve learnt since graduating is to not have high expectations. I remember I used to think I would have myself a little house, brand spanking new car and be really ahead in my career just a year after I graduated. Turns out, that’s pretty rare.

I think the main thing I’ve learnt is to not beat yourself up, don’t compare yourself to others and trust the timing of your life and that it’s completely normal to not know what you want to do!’ 

Erin - International Content Assistant      

The most  important thing I've learnt is not to compare yourself to your peers. Who f*ing cares if Sally from your seminars has already had x2 promotions to Senior Marketing Exec. Sure, it's hard to get a job these days but if your career is what you want to focus on, don't let rejection make you give up. If you're not ready to settle into the world of work yet, don't do it just because everyone else is! You're at a point in your life when you have so much opportunity, instead of worrying about what to do next, make the most of the freedom you have and remember that being happy is more important than being successful!!! 

Beth - International Content Assistant

Biggest thing I’ve learnt up to now is that all that worry and frustration in the finishing-uni-moving-home stage is for nothing. You aren’t supposed to have your sh*t figured out yet, and something always eventually comes up! Meanwhile just throw yourself into every kind of exp you can get your hands on – as I’ve changed my mind about what I wanted to do about 3 times since Uni I think the more you get stuck in with different roles then you find out what it is you want to do. Whether you want to take a gap year, travel or get stuck in with work, there’s always plenty of time for it all! 

Stacey - Content Assistant 

'I didn’t really enjoy uni, partly because I didn’t give it my all and get stuck in socially. I got my degree and graduated and learnt a lot academically. Everyone bangs on about uni being the ‘best days of your life’ and for some, it is, but for me – having an income, a nice place to live, a routine and being able to afford to do what I want is great. I love seeing my work come to life and working with so many different personalities and talent. I’ve learnt that having a job is just as fun as you make it. You can still go out, you can still party but the 9-5 isn’t the slog that everyone makes it out to be – well, that’s if you enjoy your job. 

Jess - International Content & Campaign Manager

Since graduating I guess the main thing I’ve learnt is to find what makes you happy and stick with that. If you wake up in a bad mood and have bad energy, you will continue to have a bad day simple as that... everything is about balance.  One of my old bosses told me when I was in my early twenties to make sure that I stopped drinking loads at weekends, get into a good exercise regime and to use good skin products by the time I was 25. She was right. Make sure you make time for the friends from uni, there’s nothing better than laughing about silly things you got up to in your uni days when you’ve had a hard day at work.  Finally, know that not everyone will like you and that’s OK.  Our generation aspires to perfection when really we should aspire only to bettering ourselves. Life is not your Instagram feed!  Enjoy it! 

Jen - Senior Content Executive 

Envy is a total buzz kill, from engagement announcements to work promotions, learn to be happy for other people’s successes. Just because your story has a different plot, doesn’t make it any less interesting and the twists along the way will either make you stronger or become some of your best memories.

You probably won’t stay friends with everyone from uni and that’s fine. As you get older, is less about quantity and more about quality. Your OG squad will become smaller but rock so much harder.

Money worries are inevitable – Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I actually felt richer as a student. Rent and bills are a fact of life and please people pay your Council Tax on time, I learnt that the hard way.