Top 10 Barista Probs

If you've served your time at any Starbucks, Costa or Nero, you're gonna know that the struggle just gets way too real sometimes... 

1. When your manager rings and you know they're going to ask you to do an early open. Sure, I don't need sleep HAHAHAHA (hate you).

2. Then when your alarm goes off at 3.30am the next day. I can't see a thing and I hate everyone already.

3. When you ask for a customer's name and they think you're either A. flirting (relax yourself), or B. give you the fakest name they can think of. 'Grande Caramel Latte for Madonna'

Yep, well funny you.

4. Politely asking a customer how their day is going and them actually giving you an in-depth answer. Oh, so your divorce papers finally went through? Brilliant news! This isn't over-sharing at all.

5. When someone asks for a milkshake. Mate, what do you think this is? 'Well, we do coolers if you would like one of those, they're kind of similar' 'No. Just a normal milkshake please, love'. 

6. A random person decides to burst in panting/sweating and asking where the toilet is. I mean, why have you left it this late in the first place?

7. Seeing some poor 18-year-old that is blatantly on work experience coming in with a list as long as your leg. 

Well, this is about to be a sh*t show.

8. When you see a coffee shop newby walk in looking hella confused. Then they ask for 'just a regular, filter coffee'.

Let's not do this?   

9. That person that is clearly late for a train so they watch every. Single. Little. Move.

Stop making me nervous and sweaty. I know you're there.

10. When someone jumps in front of everyone in the queue to let you know that the WiFi isn't working. Oh, sorry, I forgot that I'm also IT support...

Don't fret too much though babes. It's not forever. One day, you will get that smell of stale espresso out of your clothes, and your Saturdays will be yours once again.