Top 5 | New Years Kiss

Ahead of the clock striking midnight, we run down our fave ever on-screen kisses. Whether you're with your boyf, secret crush or BFF, get ready for some smoochin'...

New Years Eve

"What the hell are you doing, I'm twice your age!" 

200 Cigarettes

 Paul Rudd and Courtney Love show what happens when BFFs cross the line...

When Harry Met Sally

The ultimate rom com that ends with the ultimate New Years kiss. It's a scene that may have set our expectations for the perfect midnight moment a little too high, but it's a classic nonetheless! 

Friends - 'The One With All The Resolutions'

When Joey kisses Rachel and Ross kisses Phoebs so that Monica and Chandler can share their first new years smooch (CUTE). 

"You gotta kiss someone and you can't kiss your sister"


Who said New Years had to be romantic? Stanford and Anthony share a a midnight smooch after downing there champagne out of desperation, while Carry runs round New York city in the snow and the most amazing fur coat to remind Miranda that she's 'not alone!'. Who needs a new years kiss when you've got your girls.