Top Model Highlights

So, we're taking a walk back down top model memory lane to our fave moments from the show. It's brought us years of LOLs, shock and crazy model makeovers where the girl claims she'll "do anything to win" to back out of the competition when they try and chop three inches off her hair. Sigh. 

Tyra Banks' Hair

Forget the models, tuning into each cycle was worth it alone to see what new do Tyra was rocking. Spoiler alert: she owned every single one 

Although saying that, Miss J could always give Tyra a run for her money... 

When Renee Forgot What Show She Was On...

The Expressions

Never one to hide emotion, you'd always know where you stood with Miss Banks

Or Miss J

I Mean, Just Miss J Alone

Like One Of The Most Famous Moments In Top Model

When Tyra had had it with Tiffany. It went a little something like this...

The Confidence

No need to fake it 'til you make it with confidence like this

The Judges

When Groundbreaking Statements Were Made


The Shoots

Only on top model... 

Tyra's Weird Moments With The Models

The Feistiness 

The girls never got along. Hell, drama even kicked off during episode one

And Only On Top Model...