Happy National Look Alike Day! 

Whether it's your cousin's husband who's the spit of Will Young or that girl at work who from a certain angle kind of, maybe, sort of looks like Emma Watson, we all know someone who with the right outfit and  a quick name drop could blag their way into a party. But forget fakin' it til you make it, some of the best celeb doppelgangers were clearly separated at birth only to reunite in the A-list inner circle!

Katy Perry & Zooey Deschanel

If Zooey gave fake tan a go, they would honestly be nearly the same person. Bonus points for the matching head tilt guys! 

Tom Hardy & Logan Marshall-Green

Even whilst I was searching for photos of these two I had to keep checking which one it was. Almost ended up with two photos of the same guy... not that you'd really notice!

Justin Bieber & Miley Cyrus

The baby faced pair didn't stop at heart shaped faces and matching smiles, they even went and got the same haircut at the same time. Miley even admitted she looked like Bieber in his head shot... are they trying to tell us something??

Angelina Jolie & Chelsea Marr

So you know when you thought Angelina Jolie was one of a kind (yep, we all did)... we were wrong. Her Scottish doppelganger, 24 year old Chelsea has recently been discovered through Insta. We can't even deny it, they look incredibly similar in some of her pics but there's still only one Angelina... team Jolie all the way!