Why It Pays To Be The Younger Sister

Today marks Solange's birthday and as far as celeb siblings go, her and Bey make one fierce sister squad. As the younger sis, we're reliving all of the reasons why it's pretty schwweeet to be the younger one of the fam...   

Relaxed rules

Chances are your older sis has been there, done that, made the mistakes and now you can get away with pretty much anything, within reason... 

Extra clothes

That statement dress you've had your eye on ever since you were 5, now it's yours to borrow surely?!

24/7 best friend 

So this isn't limited to just being a younger sister, but it still stands. You get a guaranteed BFF on holidays, Christmas events and awkward family times when only a sis will do 

Experience is everything

Sure at the time, you won't believe her when she's telling you she knows better but her life stories will and do come in handy. As much as we'll never admit it... 

You're a tough cookie

Years of backchat, banter, fights and fall outs with your sis mean you're stronger and ready to handle the world more than most

All of the cool things

Your older sis will most likely have a driving license so lifts everywhere are a given. YAS

Two squad's are better than one

Hanging around with your older sister's hot male friend or her absolutely hilair BFF Vicky is totally A-Ok. No such thing as too many friends

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