Uni Breakdowns | As Told By Lemonade

Casual breakdowns you will have during your last few weeks at uni. As told by Beyoncé (obvs).

When you've left everything to the last minute and don't even know where to begin 

When you feel like you're gonna pass out if you think about writing one more word for your disso but your friends keep tryna drag you to the library

When members of your last group project don't do their part and you just. can't. even.  

When you're making all the plans for summer and your 'buddy' reminds you, you still have two deadlines and three exams to get through 

When it all gets too much, you start giving up and you're in the pub, five tequilas deep 

When you've been in the library for 18 hours and you realise your blood is made up of 96% coffee (minimum)

When you actually start revising and think you might finally have it together

When you stop worrying about deadlines and exams and start to worry about what you will do with your life when uni is over instead

When you walk into your first exam and regret all those classes you missed

When your lecturer asks you how your first exam went 

When you and your friends leave your final exam and finally, it's all over...