Unrealistic #CareerGoals As Told By TV

Sure, the sky is the limit and we all have feisty career ambitions... but if you’re anything like me, by now a part of you is wondering why you're not working in New York in a sky scraper office? OR, why you aren't earning enough money to fund a new pair of Jimmy Choos weekly; your lunch breaks filled with Apple Martinis as opposed to a Boots meal deal. Of course, it's all thanks to our all-time favourite TV shows and films - those we've always looked towards for future inspiration, which in reality, have somewhat turned our dreams into dust.  

OR, if by some miracle you've bagged yourself a smack-you-in-the-face-isn’t-this-fantastic career life, at least let us in on your secret?!


I'm not saying it’s impossible, but a bit of Rachel Green's career luck wouldn't go a miss for the rest of us. Being able to walk out of Central Perk cafe in a waitress pinafore to the buyers dept of Ralph Lauren whilst still managing to spend more time in the coffee house than the office, gave us seri job goals.

Sex & The City

For any fashionista, this is probably the most painful. Especially if you were like me; expecting to swan through your 20s (Carrie style) in a penthouse apartment with a humongous walk-in wardrobe spending your week days shopping and lunching with your BFFs. Oh, not to mention being a freelance writer for Vogue on the side - #NoBiggie .

Gossip Girl

I don’t know which was more unrealistic; Serena becoming Tyra Bank's publicist with NO experience, Nate becoming the editor of Spectator – without having shown a slightest interest in journalism, or the fact Chuck Bass was fighting for control of a hotel empire at 19. I'm pretty sure at 19 years old  I was in uni halls eating Nutella out of the jar every night... did we miss the memo?!

Devil Wears Prada

Sure, It may be a TAD more realistic in the sense that she has to work her a$$ off to achieve her dreams and that the industry isn’t all dresses and rainbows, but I'm pretty sure if we were given an opp on the spot by an Anna Wintour infused CEO, we'd have purchased our Louboutins overnight (we wish!).

The Hills

The one reality show we could rely on for being real – or so we thought. For many of us, we would all be lying if we didn’t admit that our career goals started with being an intern at Teen Vogue. Obviously with this in mind, we were expecting a side of Brody Jenner too. 


The one that leads us to believe the impossible is possible.  One day when we decide on a hot shot career, we can walk into a sky high million dollar building in the character of a career we wish to pursue and absolutely NAIL it. With the case of Mike Ross, we could fake it 'til we make it and it would be a piece of cake.

The Simple Life

With long hair extensions and a monumental sized shoulder bag I was fully prepped for my ‘simple life’ career from a young age.  My career plans were set to have bigger doss sessions than a school PE class, and I quote 'that's hot'.

We can all keep dreaming, right?!