WAGs Then & Now

10 years later and WAGs as we knew them are a serious thing of the past. With a "my guy's faster than yours" attitude and star status to actually rival the footballers' fame, can you even remember what our fave wives and girlfriends used to look like?

Cheryl Cole

With layered chains and a WAG-worthy pair of sunnies, Cheryl went from pop star to superstar quicker than you can say Ashley Cole. Two footie husbands, major girl group status and a solo career later and she's still rockin' the cold shoulder, but we're WAY preferring the polished, less transparent look she's got going now.

Coleen Rooney

Absolute old-timer Coleen has been on the WAG scene since day 1. She's swapped her holiday-ready going out look (fake tan included) for a was more sophis dress code but what what hasn't changed is her go-to matchy-matchy style. Block colours will forever be her BFF but I guess if it ain't broke, don't fix it? 

Abbey Clancey

Okay, so she's always been gorge but we're hella glad she ditched the see-through dress for a layered look (what was it with see-through dressing!?). Add a chunky necklace, because the 00s were all about accessorising, obvs. but seriously, leave out the leopard print underwear... that is NOT red carpet ready.

Victoria Beckham

Who could forget the OG VB? Makin' WAGs everywhere famous with her Posh Spice star status, the Beckham's absolutely defined #couplegoals back in the day. From sporty casj (vests and leather were her style staples) to queen of chic, this fashion icon is still going strong!

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