Ways To Stay Warm

Winter can be tiring when all you want to do is snap your fingers and be warm. Whether you’re a student or just a typical twenty-something, sometimes turning up the heating just isn’t an option so here are 6 alternative ideas to get you out of bed when it’s just. too. cold.

1. A Hot Water Bottle

It’s a classic and so often forgotten. And the best thing – it’s totally portable! Strap it to your front for that dreaded walk to work and just watch the shiverers in pity. True, you probably look pregnant (with a bottle shaped baby) but it really does keep you cosy. Even if you’re just moving from your bed to the sofa, that is still time for potential frostbite that we just don’t want to risk!

2. Breathe Differently (this isn’t a joke)

If you breathe in through your nose the air is warmed up before it reaches your lungs – weird but true!

3. Have A Warming Drink

Maybe you can’t afford to whack up the heating but you can ALWAYS afford a glass of wine -student 101. So when they say alcohol doesn’t solve problems… (A hot drink would probably do the same thing without the calories or the potential hangover. Not quite as fun, I know, but you should probably go for this option.)


4. Cuddles!

Boyf, BFF or the dog – body heat is key! Even just all sitting in the same room for the evening, you’ll be so much warmer than having a solo Netflix binge.

5. Practise Your Dance Moves

There’s no better way to get toasty than to get your sweat on but who has the energy in the freezing cold to go for a hard core workout – no-one! (Well, probably some people but these people have also probably got their sh*t together enough to afford to whack the heating up). Instead, turn up your fave tunes and just get dancing! 

6. Go into hibernation

When it’s too cold to get out of bed – maybe just don’t? You can do most things from under the duvet, all of your lectures are podcast anyway, aren’t they? (Zero excuses not to be getting sh*t done!) Top tip: stock up on all the dry goods in your bedside drawer, or better yet get a mini fridge next to your bed so that you really don’t have to get up at all. Hey, if it’s okay for animals…