We All Know Someone Who: Is Beyoncé Obsessed

I mean, we all love us some Bey, but some people's obsession runs much deeper than just dropping it low when Flawless comes on during a night out... Beyhive, this one is for you.

Even if she comitted a horrendous crime, they would be straight onto Facebook: 'YAAAAAAS BEY. Slay queen, sa-laaaaaaaaaaay. Baddest b*tch in the game'

Just been through a messy break-up? All you've got to do is whack on Single Ladies and she is like a fabulous phoenix rising from the f*ckboy ashes.

Anyone for shots? She's buying.

You introduce them to another friend of yours. Things are going well, the convo is flowing... Until she says she prefers Rihanna to Bey. 

Well, that lasted a good 5 minutes. 

They're having an innocent morning scroll through the gram to catch up on current affairs (aka selfies and food pics). Oh, but what's this? Someone slagging off the one and only Mrs Carter?


Now a solid hour will be spent arguing with strangers in the comments section. Send for help.

Some unsuspecting person says, 'Oh, I don't think Beyonce is even that pretty, do you?'

If you want to live... Run. Run hard, and run fast. 

And last but not least, you can't hold a conversation with them at the moment without that word...

Doctor: 'Can you tell me your blood type?'


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