We Heart U 4EVA

Remember those hardcore crushes you had at school? Those pure fitties that inspired a LOT of poster kissing and notebook doodles, I.D.S.T? Good, let’s take a moment (or ten) to remember them; those beautiful boys we were pretty sure we’d definitely meet and marry one day. 

1. Zack Morris

Anyone else spend their childhood wishing they went to Bayside? The style was insane, the cheer-leading on point and then... well then there was Zack Morris; the dreamiest high school guy EVA and our first love actually.

2. Ben Adams

Remember when curtains were a boy's instant pass to dreaminess? Besides Peter Andre, Ben has to be the A1 example of floppy haired fitness (see what we did there). We definitely had the Summertime of Our Lives imaging the day we would finally be his GF. 

3. Chad Michael Murray

I don't wanna be anywhere other than 2003 reliving Lucas' sheer sensitivity and broodiness, unless you're thinking Chad in A Cinderella Story, 2004, cause who didn't want this god as their Prince Charming?  

4. Charlie Simpson

Oh you're so Busted, we know you loved the hairy, gravel voiced rogue as much as we did. Sure he wore a school tie with board shorts and had questionably gelled hair but this was the time of MySpace people. If you're reading this Charlie, it really wasn't cool leaving the band the way you did, you guys were bros and you broke our hearts man. 

5. (Young) Leo

Sorry Leo, we still totally dig you as an actor and we wouldn't say no if you asked us to snuggle up to your 'dad bod' but there is no beating young Romeo and Juliet/Titanic edition DiCaprio. The passion, the intensity, the open shirts and broody smoking - oh god, take us back RN.