We're buzzin' over these filters

... literally!

It's Saturday morning and if you're anything like us, you've spent the last half hour sending your best mate double chin selfies. We've been testing out the new Snapchat filters all week (it's 'work' OK)... here's some of our faves 


"OK so you can't get the full effect here but the voice changer makes you sound like you've just had three helium balloons" 

Beth & Erin

"This filter is like 'So groooovy mannn'. We can't be at Secret Garden Party so we'll bringing the hippie vibes to Manchester instead" 


"I never thought a blunt fringe would suit me so well. Plus, it gives me an excuse to belt out Chandelier all weekend"


"Is it a cat? Is it a fox? I don't know but one thing is for sure #eyelineronfleek"

Hannah & Liv

"Everyone says the dog is *basic* but we say you can't go wrong with a classic"

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