Street styler | Yanin

Street styler Yanin Namasonthi from prettysickly is our woman crush every day. Nailing that just thrown on vibe, her #ootds give us some serious goals. We asked her to show us what style squad she belongs to...

Sum up your style in 3 words?
Minimal, personal and clean.

What makes you a street styler?
I love pairing high end and high street pieces together to create something interesting.

Tell us your favourite travel destination and why?
LA, I just love the vibe, the weather and the food. You can find me there whenever I'm not in the UK.

We heart your ink! Any inspo behind them?
Just my family and the artists artwork. I'm really open to getting a beautiful piece of art on my skin. There’s not a lot of planning that goes into them.

What's inspired your #ootd?
I wanted something comfortable but chic at the same time. I'm going to be out and about and wanted to keep myself comfy.

Fancy yourself as a street styler? Show us! Tag @boohoo in a photo of you and your mates with #WeAreUs and tell us which squad you belong to. Need more info, read all about the campaign here >