Wedding Guest Dos and Don'ts

Got the RSVP but in a dress distress? We've all been there so the SF team have pulled together the ultimate wedding guest dos and don'ts to make your guest appearance memorable for the right reasons... 

Do RSVP quickly

When it comes to a wedding, numbers equals costs, so if you want the coveted seat at the main dinner, do make sure you RSVP as soon as you can.

Do pick your outfit wisely 

Whilst wearing white isn't as shocking as it once was, remember to not upstage the bridge in what you choose for the big day. Steer clear of anything too short and revealing. Stick to seasonal colours and wear something more importantly you'll feel comfortable in. 

Don't get too drunk 

If you're invited to the whole day affair, pace yourself. There'll be lots of toasting, arrival drinks and possible open bar opportunities. Whilst it's great to get merry, you don't want to be THAT girl passed out in the corner. 

Don't overlook what shoes you're wearing

Shoes are in some ways more important than your outfit. Why? Because weddings are a long day situation. Don't use a wedding as a day to break in your new stilettos - wear them around the house prior or turn to a trusty pair you know won't hurt you. Or bring a pair of flats as back-up - your feet will thank you for it! 

Do put your phone on silent

No-one wants to hear your 20 new Whatsapp messages or yet another Instagram notification during the ceremony. Switch it off and when you DO turn it back on, keep it on silent!

Do make DJ requests

If you can, make song requests to the DJ - that way you can't complain about the 'bad music.'

Do get any plus 1s pre-approved

Whether it's your new boyf or bringing the kids, may sure you check in with the soon-to-be newlyweds before adding extra numbers to your crew.

Don't limit yourself to a dress

From playsuits to co-ords, when it comes to wedding, unless you're the bride - it's not all about the dress. 

Do let the bride and groom know of any dietary requirements

Whether you're a veggie or have an allergy, the bride and groom have dozens of guests to think about, so if you have a requirement, make it known sooner rather than later. 

Do shower the bride with compliments and congratulations 

From the classic 'you look beautiful' to wishing the newlyweds well, spread positivity all day

Don't expect too much time with the bride

Whilst she loves you, it's her big day and she'll have lots of family and friends to get around, so don't take it personally if you don't see much of her!

And most importantly DO get the party started

Yep that means being first on the dancefloor - someone's gotta do it!

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