What's Hot & What To Drop In 2016

From those outfit game changers that are going to save you time AND money, to the artists you need on repeat, here's what we're loving for the new year... and what we are totally over caring about.

What's Hot


January is SO not about outfit planning (who has time when you’re dragging yourself out of bed 20 minutes before work). Throw-on day dresses, casj jumpsuits and dungarees will be my go-to next year; all you need is a few roll necks and basic tees to layer under and dress down. 

Leading Ladies

Nao, Bille Black, Little Simz, Sinead Harnett, Etta Bond – sisters are doing it for themselves. 2016 is the year for the super-cool female vocalists re-defining the once male-dominated genres of RnB and hip hop.

The Statement Boot 

I’ve always been a fan of a garish shoe. This year was my first foray into glitter boots and boy did I love it. Patchwork, velvet, gem-encrusted… you name it. I’ll be giving them all a go in 2016.

Not taking yourself too seriously

The rise of Insta profiles like DaddyIssues and Betches has given us all faith that we’re not as crazy as we think… so stop worrying and start living. Say laters to the haters and time wasters. 

What's To Drop


Being so hard on yourself 

January is hard enough as it is without giving up the things you love, spending every minute in the gym and generally being blue. So give yourself a break, head out with the girls, eat that extra square / bar of chocolate and remind yourself of all the things that you're great at.


Just because someone seems a certain way online doesn't mean they're like that IRL. Ever noticed how the girls or guys you tend to admire for their perfect hair / body / wardrobe / tan don't really show much of their life with their friends... yeah, exactly. No-one is perfect, because perfect just doesn't exist. 


OK, so unless you live in the LA sunshine, the likelihood of good lightning all the time is very low. Everyone might need to switch up the contrast, and maybe (just maybe) get rid of that huge zit that appeared over night. But there's zero point in going OTT on Facetune and morphing into Barbie. Because people don't look like that, seriously (see point above). Just look at our boohoo babes above... #nofilter