What's your style squad?

Style so on-point that you’re certified insta queens or does your off duty cool take not so basic to the next level? We’re searching for the ultimate style squads that give us major outfit goals all day, erryday.

They say that your vibe attracts your tribe, so we wanna see how you slay…. Tag @boohoo in a shot of you and the girls (or guys) with #WeAreUs to feature in our summer campaign and tell us which squad you belong to...

Mega glam and proud, your posse rocks an A list ‘drobe. Selfie angle ready, eyebrows on fleek… SERIOUS GOALS!  
Muses: Kim K and Beyonce, obviously…

Your good time vibe attracts your tribe! You’re daydream believers and hippies at heart. Breaking all the rules, your style squad is fearless and Glasto ready all year round.
Muses: Charlotte Free and Mimi Elashiry live the life you need!

Anything but basic your crew is effortless AF. You respect each other’s bare faced chic and casj-but-cool dress code.
Muses: Kendall and Gigi – Kiki?

Borrowed from the boys, totally owned by the girls your look is pure badass everyone secretly wants to be in your gang.

Muses: Kylie Jenner and Rihanna slay all day…

A girl power gang with attitude there’s so much more to your BBFs than a sweet tooth for pink but it’s a hella place to start.

Muses: Taylor Swift and Karlie are super sweet

One word: FLAWLESS. Your friends are all girl bosses with equally powerful wardrobes. Squad goal? Have handbags in your name.

Muses: Blake Lively and Alexa Chung get it right all the time.

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