What To Pack For Glasto If It Pours All Weekend

Will it? Won't it? Can we really trust the weather forecast?! From warnings of torrential downpours to photo evidence of floods at Glasto, we ain't taking no risks!

Here's some tips for staying dry and happy without being the basic who puts up an umbrella and blocks Chris Martin's  face from full crushin' view. 

1. The Practical Bag

Think waterproof, hands free AND zip pockets! Keep your things dry, your hands free for carrying beers, taking selfies and dancing. The bum bag is the answer to all your festival needs.

2. Bucket Hats

Are bucket hats cool? Am I cool enough to wear a bucket hat? It's a fine line and no one really knows whether to cross it. But let's just say, if it keeps you dry, channel your inner Bad Gal...

3. The Sensible Cover Up vs. The Fun One

Get practical and stylin in a colour pop rain mac, take the fun route and rock a poncho that you can play twister on  (genius), or go all out festi-fashion and match your face glitter with a sassy holographic mac. 

4. Boots > Wellies

Unless you have the thighs of a  goddess wellies can be difficult. If you're not a wellington kind of gal, (don't worry, we feel ya) don't risk it in trainers unless you're prepared to throw them straight in the bin after day one. Short boots will still keep your feet warm, dry and good for dancing. 

5. Hair Goals 

If like most of us you aren't blessed with naturally straight and glossy hair, all day rain = greasy frizz; make sure you've packed dry shampoo and a bandanna to make a messy bun a bit more exciting!