What #WeAreFamily Means To Us...

Christmas time inevitabily means family time, so we asked some of our favourite bloggers to let us know what #WeAreFamily means to them, kitted out in boohoo knitwear of course... 

DAVINA SPENCER | Colours of a Rose

Family in my opinion is a community of people. My 'Family' is a community of both friends and relatives. I like to think also that the blogging community is family! After all we look after each other, encourage/empower one another to do better, motivate each other to go that extra mile and empathise & support one another when we need to! There have been times where I've been in sticky situations but those who I consider to be family show their support and dedication to helping me to get through things. Last year I had just started blogging so I didn't really have as many blogger friends but now I have made quite a few friends that I will proudly call my family. It's a real joy to know that this Christmas I can share it with not only my relatives but my blogging friends. This Christmas I encourage to make not just friends but bonds that demonstrate the values of family and let's treat one another like family!


LYNDSAY GARDNER |  Fizzy Peaches

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year, although it doesn’t always mean that things are traditional for me. I’ve always been one for breaking traditions, we’ve had curry on Christmas day and spent the day at the beach in various different places around the world. This year we are spending Christmas in Egypt on a Nile Cruise.

As we are going away soon we had our family celebrations early. Our gorgeous puppy dog Robbie, sadly won’t be able to come to Egypt with us so we planned a mini-Christmas day, just for him with Festive Christmas jumpers, doggy mince pies and all the chew toys he could muster. He is like our little baby, he’s the happiest, silliest dog I’ve ever known and is the best company whether I’ve had a bad day or I’m celebrating, he always knows how I feel and is there for me. I will miss him on Christmas day when we are floating on the Nile.

To me, #WeAreFamily is not just about those closest to us through blood, but those who are there for you through thick-and-thin. It’s our dog Robbie, our network of amazing friends and all of the inspiring, encouraging ladies I’ve met in the blogging community, whether online or in person. We are all family and I think Christmas can be celebrated anytime, anywhere – as long as you are together.

STEPHANIE LARGE | Stephanie Dreams

My family is my fur-baby & husband, spending time with them any time of year is wonderful but festive days out on the frosty mornings makes me feel so lucky.

Dog walking in our lovely countryside of meeting up with friend & family at Christmas markets is the perfect way to spend the days with my loved ones.

FLEUR GRIFFIN | Fleur Danielle

Family are the people in your life who are there to support and encourage you and help you through the good and bad times through your life. They are the people who have been with you since before you entered this world. They have seen you grow up and have seen you at your worst and best and have helped you grow into the person you are today. Whenever life gets a little hard or tough, you know your family are always there for you as their love is unconditional and they will always be there for you even though they may drive you crazy at times. Christmas is the perfect time to say thank you and appreciate all that they have done for you.

However, I also think friends are important part as well. I have a few friends in my life who I would definitely consider as family as they have been there for me through the times when my actual family were not there. They have also seen me at my worst and have helped encourage me and supported me and also been there for me through the tough times and are the people to tell me when I'm about to make a silly mistake. I think it's so important again to surround yourself with friends this time of year to say thank you.

Now onto the blogging community. Some bloggers I've been speaking to and following for years. Some of them I would definitely call friends. I'm not one to really rant on twitter or post things as I do try to keep it positive, however when I do, the blogging community always sends out such lovely, encouraging and inspiring tweets which help encourage and pick me up and put me in a better mood which I think it so important. The blogging community is a little family within itself, always supporting and encouraging one another and I think that's so lovely. Since I've been blogging I've met the loveliest girls and guys, and I'm so grateful to have these people in my life.

With everything that has gone on in the world lately I'm holding on to my family and friends just that little bit closer this Christmas as without them I would be nowhere today and I encourage you all to do the same. Despite arguments and tantrums we have with various people in our lives the love we have is always unconditional.

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