Who the .... is Alice?

If you don't know yet, you're about to find out and seriously, this hun is a secret you won't be able to keep. Singer/songwriter and actual mega babe Alice Chater is our new woman crush - all day, every day. Powerhouse vocals, a little bit outrageous and oh. god. those abs, what's not to love? 

We took Alice to Berlin with us, because who wouldn't want to chill in one of the world's coolest cities with this hawtie?! Exactly. She joined us on the set of our brand new TV ad and took a little time to explore the back streets with us. Check it out... 

Wanna know more?

We hear you, we chatted shoot life, music and er, skulls with our girl in Berlin, here's the 411...

What are you looking forward to today?

Trying on all the clothes, I LOVE BOOHOO!

Tell us more about you? 

I'm a singer and I am currently recording my first album. I am also a topliner, so I do that for different DJs and I write for other artists and bands. And, I'm an editor so I edit promo videos for other people too. YEAH!

Is this your first time in Berlin? 

This is my first time! I love it, it's so pretty and the weather is great today. 

What's home to you? 

Home to me is Ramsgate in Kent, it's a little seaside town and I grew up there; I've never lived anywhere else. It's cute. I basically grew up on the beach.

Tell us about your sound

My music is pop with bits of soul influences and jazz as well, you know I grew up listening to Etta James and Aretha Franklin. I also love gospel, but very vocal led tunes. 

And what about your style?

Edgy, chic - I LOVE black, I'm always wearing it so I feel a little out of my comfort zone today in grey, but I absolutely love it, and I'd say a bit rocky. I always wear pleather, not real leather, that's become my thing. And, quirky sunglasses - always.

Who do you have a girl crush on ATM

Lily-Rose Depp, I absolutely adore her, I think she's so hot and she looks a bit like her dad who i'm kind of obsessed with. 

What's your fave emoji?

I'd  say the unicorn but EVERYONE says that.I always use the skull, I really love skulls, I have everything skulls in my house. I even have a skull soap holder.

Alice how are you spending your last days of summer?

I am going to be recording, I desperately want to go on holiday but I haven't got time. I think I'll be going to LA to work and record there.  That's it really. 

2. En route to set with babes Kirra & Rio 3. Trying on boohoo backstage