Why Isn't There An App For That?

These days there's pretty much an app for everything right? Just this week an app to delete your drunken messages has made its way into the news and the SF are a little bit excited/relieved. But it also got us thinking... What apps do we wish existed? 

What's The Dress Code? 

We've all been there, we're heading somewhere new and we need the 411 on just what to wear. Are we talking casj vibes or black tie? Will they accept jeans? Is the bar more bodycon dress or oversized off duty shirt styling? This app would tell you just that. Outfit stress no more... 

The Ex Factor

No-one enjoys bumping into their ex, unless it ended well which is well, rare. So we definitely need an app like this. It would somehow (probably definitely illegal) geo-locate where they are and let you know if they're within a two mile radius. We're not talking 'He's in that burger bar right next to where you work, sat at table six with a pretty brunette' kind of job. Just the essentials. AKA stay away from the North side of town. 

Do I Already Own This?

You know that striped top you think would look so great with your black skinnies? Yep you already own it about five times in varying sleeve length. That's what this app would tell you, in a not as sassy way. It would store a catalogue of your entire wardrobe so when you think you need another LBD, it will bring up the ten versions you already have back at home. Pennies saved. 

How Hungover Will I Be? 

"I'm only going for one" we all utter. A few drinks later and tomorrow's 8K run is looking more unlikely by the second. This app would help you plan. Based on what you eat and how many drinks you're aiming on having and depending on what  the drink is, it would calculate just how drunk you'll be the morning after. It would also give you recommendations on how to stop the drunken ticking time bomb. Like if I stopped drinking RN, how drunk would I be? Or if I eat a two course meal before bed - would I bypass the hangover? Vital questions, we know... 

Fairy Group Chat Godmother

Keep coming back to 100+ messages from your squad on Whatsapp and feel yourself drowning in bants and weekend planning? The struggle is most definitely real. So how great would it be if an app gave a brief summary of all you've missed and any messages aimed at you or talking about you were highlighted? Then you can leave the full de-brief to a later point when you have time. Winning.

Is It Worth Me Going? 

You make plans but come 5pm after a long-ass day in the office, you're kinda not feeling that event you said you'd go to. This app would combine the guest list, what's planned and the vibe of the venue to help you make the decision: 'Is it worth me going?'

Spoiler Remove

So GOT aired a new episode last night and sadly you were out so major FOMO is happening. So are spoilers all over your Facebook and Twitter so you have to avoid all social interaction. So how about an app that scours your social channels and removes all spoilers, letting you tweet and like away to your heart's content? We'd download it.  

Happy Hour Timer

Heading out but want to save some money? Don't we all.  Depending on the location you're in, this clever app would round up all of the venues' happy hours so you can draw a map of where to go at what time to have more drinks for less dollar. 

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