Why Phoebe Was Our Fave Friends Character

From her ever changing name, quirky songs and on point bants, we're celebrating Lisa's birthday with all of the times Pheebs was just our fave

The One With The PacMan

Phoebe gets addicted to PacMan. And doesn't take losing well...right in front of little Ben

The One With The Name Change

When she gets told she can change her name to anything, she gets creative 

The One With The Doll House

Phoebe's homemade doll house vs. Monica's perfect Georgian mansion

The One With The Lobster

The ep that kickstarted a lifetime of comparing you and bae to a lobster pairing 

The One With The Run

Rachel discovers Phoebe's run is less than convetional... 

The One With The Left Phalange

And in one of the greatest Friends moments ever, Pheebs stops Rachel flitting off to Paris by convincing her there's something wrong with the plane, leading to that moment with Ross