Why We All Have the Hots for Harry Styles

by Darcey Taylor

Ever since the iconic moment those curly locks were premiered on The X Factor *swoon*, it started a never-ending love affair for many of us. And yes, when 1D really became successful, the ‘I prefer Zayn’ traitors reared their disloyal heads but we all know that from the start, it was all about Harry.

So what is it about Mr. Styles that makes him so bloody gorgeous !? Oh, I can name a few things…

The Hair

Essentially the Harry Styles trademark. Those luscious, curly locks just give him that loveable rogue charm. That says, ‘Yes, I am a global pop star, but with a mysterious and alternative edge.’ 

The perfect combo in any man.

That Smile

When Harry flashes his smile, it’s game over. It can literally melt you into the ground. So pure, so genuine, it hits your soul (can you tell I’m a fan?) 

His Smoulder

There are many sides to Hazza, which is just another reason we all love him so much. He’s not just one dimensional, while there is happy Harry, there’s also deep, alluring and smouldering Harry. He’s just so versatile. 

His IG

The boy obviously respects and maintains an aesthetically pleasing Instagram account, so we can all keep up to date with his goings-on in Styles (see what I did there). How thoughtful of him ! Better, add considerate to the list.

He Tells Us We’re Beautiful

You’re a liar if you say that the first time you heard, ’What Makes You Beautiful’ you didn't imagine yourself running around that beach with One D with Hazza singing the song to you. And he was girl, he was. 

His Style

We’ve seen other people’s attempts at Harry’s signature shabby chic style and even the straight up copy cats can’t quite match our Harry in working that ‘I woke up like this’ look.

He’s Not Just About The Music

Harry advocates equal rights and according to his Insta, recently had the chop of that magnificent mane for the Little Princess Trust, who provide wigs and hair pieces to children suffering with hair-loss from cancer. Way to go Harry !

Image source: Instagram

GIF source: Giphy