Why Work BFFs Rule

Meet Tara and Aimee  - our babein’ Fit Model and sassy Swimwear QA from the Technical Team at boohoo HQ. They get to see all our new designs first, trying them on for size and making sure they’re just right before they get to you. And yeah, we’re thinking what you’re thinking…. SERIOUS hair envy from this pair too!

They met just under a year ago and have since become inseparable in and out of work. So we grabbed them for a quick catch up to get the 411 on why having a work BFF rules…

How did you two meet. ..

Aimee: Tara stole my new girl title a week after I started at boohoo…

Tara: She was the new girl a week before me so she took me under her wing when I joined (probably because she didn’t have any mates yet)

What was your first impression of each other

Aimee: What a proper Manchester lass – please like me!

Tara: Nice shoes… and how posh! I’m common as muck so it just goes to show opposites do attract!

Tell us a secret…

Aimee: Tara is actually a really good singer ! She also has the sassiest head shot in the department.

Tara: Aimee is scared of squirrels.. she hates the way they sneak up on her..  a squirrels never snuck up on me??

Any annoying habits?

Aimee: Tara has ants in her pants and doesn’t keep still!

Tara: Aimee hiccups like a frog.. It’s really weird and she does it in public a lot like it’s normal. I feel like I have to say sorry for her and explain she’s hiccupping not just being a weirdo!

Describe each other in three words

Aimee: B-e-auuutiful , loud & loyal

Tara: Sassy, confident, down to earth

What emoji would you associate with each other

Aimee: The peace sign fingers because Tara has an inner hippy

Tara: Spanish dancing lady

Best memory together?

Aimee: Losing Tara in a club only to find her break dancing in a circle of people cheering her name !

Tara: The first time Aimee measured my inside leg… we have a close bond! 

Steal Tara's cool girl style 

Work the weekend like Aimee

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