Winter Beauty Hacks

The winter months can be harsh on your skin.  Ok, so maybe I sound like an advert for [insert-ubiquitous-beauty-brand-name-here], but it's true.  Central heating, sweating on the tube and facing sub zero temps on the walk to work can all be a b*tch.  Plus if your man tends to go all 'This is Sparta' during the cooler months, beard rash is also a killer...  Nevertheless, the boohoo babes have put our heads together to bring you our fave beauty hacks to get you through hibernation season.  We got you, gorge...

1. Sudocrem 

Not just reserved for cherub like, peachy baby bums on nappy ads, no!  Sudocream can be used for all skincare related ailments.  Spot? No problem! Dab on some Sudo' and watch that redness disappear!  It will also dry out the facial fiend..screw you spot.  

2.  Lip Balm

Dry skin can be a bummer, but zap it quickly by applying a small amount of lip balm onto the area  #winning

3. Invest in a cheap, clear mascara...

Deputy Editor Stacey swears that her brows stayed intact during a swim sesh in Cyprus after using this tip.  So now we bestow it to you...

Step One:  Apply usual brow product in preferred brow shape. 

Step Two: Sweep clear mascara through your brows to keep them in place come hail or high winds.

Bring it Mother Nature.

4. Find Time to Prime

Granted, any girl worth her beauty points at Boots should be using a primer throughout the year, but during the winter months this really is the time to get priming.  A primer will protect your pores, and make your make up last longer (especially after pulling on and off those polo necks).

5. Switch up your foundation...

Your skin changes in the winter months, and, because the weather is cooler, you can get away with a heavier foundation that will last in the cold and keep those rosy cheeks at bay (unless of course you like your rosy cheeks, in which case, crack on with your summer cover up).  A thicker foundation will also act as a barrier, just remember to remove it all thoroughly at the end of the day, because clogged pores are not cool.