Witness The Fitness

We all know Christmas is coming!  From the onslaught of seasonal tunes creeping onto our playlist, to the ads on our TV screens (yes Coca Cola truck we mean you), we’re officially on the slippery slope down into December.  And, with all of this festive frivolity unfolding, our minds turn to the office party and what we’ll be wearing  whilst busting out the Beyoncé moves. 

Now if you’re anything like us, while we’re very much into being healthy (a Nutri Bullet is on the top of my Xmas wish list Santa baby..) we never deny ourselves a cheeky chocolate something or other. So, with the day of squeezing ourselves into that LBD looming, we figured a little extra effort to make ourselves feel and look great can’t hurt, right?

Enter Seen On Screen fitness!  An A-list way to twerk yourself fit in master classes run by pro dancers . Lured by the promise of learning to “dance like a star” and armed with more boohoo Fit Lycra than a Mr Motivator work out vid, the boohoo girls arrived at Studio 52 in Manchester ready to learn the routine to Who Run The World.

Within the first ten minutes, director of the dance fitness brand Bonnie had us in the studio and  walking the dance floor in diva style.  By the end of hour session we were glowing (sweaty), having burnt several hundred calories, fully empowered with our new moves and with a new appreciation for dancers and their stamina. 

The best thing about Seen On Screen Fitness is that they cater for all levels of dance ability (hello, even we managed to learn a thing or two) and you can choose which routines you want to learn.  They offer individual classes from £12 as well as master classes and super classes which boast smoke machines and spotlights if you want the x factor.  

If you’re based in Manchester or London and want to shake off some extra pounds pre party season Seen on Screen Fitness is for you!

Get the kit...

Kill it in some motivational slogan tees and slouchy joggers.  Add some extra Sasha Fierce with leopard prints and pops of colour.