Words we learnt from TOWIE

To celebrate TOWIE’s 200th episode we’ve rounded up 10 words and phrases we've grown to love. Unlike fetch, these words totes happened.

Vajazzle: when your lady parts just aren't fancy enough, add a bit of diamante bling. This word can be used as both a verb (to vajazzle), and a noun (a vajazzle)

Reem: when something's proper cool or really desirable 

Well jel: to be very jealous...

Ag: Aggravated - in long, Aggro - in short, and Ag  - in shorter.

A salty potato: This can be used to refer to an attractive woman - obviously.

Noon: what you might get a 'vajazzle' on... your lady area.

Sick: Usually meaning unwell, our TOWIE guys and gals use it to refer to like the best thing ever.

Have it: Exactly as you'd think...to party hard..duhh!

No carbs before Marbs:  need we explain?

Sort: A really good looking female, for example, "Your mates a right sort" - um, ok then.