Xmas Party Survival Guide

We may still be in November, but the annual Christmas do is just around the corner. Love it or loathe it, it's happening. Here are ten tips to get you through...  

1. Leave the festive jumper in your wardrobe

Ain't nobody got time for bumping into your crush wearing an LED Christmas jumper. Dress to impress, people.

2. Go easy on the alcohol

Whether it's your first xmas do or your fifth, it can be tempting to go all out at pre-drinks. Pace yourself, girl. 

3. Brush up on your dance moves 

Leave the dad-dancing at awkward family get-togethers and don't even think about twerking. 

4. Don't get caught under the mistletoe

Or any other kind of shrub for that matter. (Unless it's with your crush from I.T, that is)

5. Plan your outfit ahead

Ensure the night is hissy fit-free. That way you can spend more time sippin' champs. Win win. 

8. Nudity is a no-go

Just. No. 

9. Choose your DJ requests wisely

You want to fill the dance floor, not empty it. 

10. Keep your crush on the DL

'Cos nobody wants to be the talk of the office come Monday morning, right? 

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