10 Reasons Serena Was Our Fave GG

Shallows star, momma to be and the other half of Ryan Reynolds, it's safe to say we <3 Blake Lively and would like her life stat. The Californian goddess turns 29 this week so we're walking down memory lane with all of the reasons why Upper East Side's Serena Van Der Woodsen was our favourite Gossip Girl

1. Her entrance

Because no-one does an epic 'I've returned home from boarding school after I fled Manhattan having slept with my best friend's boyfriend' hair flick quite like S

2. Her body

From her iconic blonde locks to her model figure, there was a reason heads turned whenever Serena Van Der Woodsen entered the room 

3. Her BFF

"You can't choose your family, but you can choose your friends. And in a world ruled by bloodlines and bank accounts, it pays to have a pal" said Gossip Girl (Episode 4, Season 1 if you must know). Sure they didn't always see eye to eye (everyone remembers B pushing S into a Paris fountain) but when they were strong, they were a force to be reckoned with

4. Her hook ups

From lonely boy to Nate Archibald and Aaron to name a few. Who else has their first kiss in Times Square? S of course!

5. Her dress sense

From putting a twist on the St. Jude's school uniform to nailing effortless boho vibes on the streets of NYC, Serena had the model off duty look we just couldn't get enough of

6. Her family

It was always rocky but S stood by her family through thick and thin. From Eric's rehab to her mum's many marriages and even welcoming Chuck Bass into the fam - Serena's squad was one to be part of

7. Her one liners

Because sometimes all that's left to say is exactly just what's on your mind. Case in point when Georgina crashed a party and S was frankly, past caring

8. Her heart

She wore her heart on her sleeve especially with the whole 'are they? or aren't they?' sitch between her and Dan

9. Her sass

S stood for no sh**. From cat fights with Blair to showing the boys just who's boss, when she had a point to make, it was pretty damn clear... 

10. Her vulnerability 

And when things weren't so sunny on the Upper East Side, we saw a different side to Serena - the soft and fragile side that made her a whole lotta human

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