Your Bank Holiday As Told By Dogs

Because who else is better to narrate the sheer joy we feel at a three day weekend... 

That Friday feeling

Nothing can get me down

Come clocking off

Feeling a little bit of this...

And a whole lotta this...

Making the most of the extra time you've gained

I am so productive

Taking up a new sport

I am on fire

Saturday and Sunday night out preppin'

Got us like...


When you're not ready to stop the party

And you start to consider a career change

It's never too late is it?

First day back

Trying to make yourself look presentable

So you put on your sassiest outfit

A can-do attitude goes hand in hand with a statement OOTD

But by 9:30am

I'm sorry Sarah but I'm going to need to work from home for the rest of the day

GIF source: Giphy