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by Kara Godfrey If you could tell your 16-year-old self that Reading festival was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to festivals, would they believe you? Exactly - sometimes you gotta get packing and head across the globe to experience some of the best bucket-list festivals in the world. Here are our must-visits... Image credit: CosmopolitanCoachella Hardly needing an introduction, what with every summer fashion collection being ‘Coachella-inspired’, it’s the place to be seen for all of the fashion elite. Of course it boasts some of the best names in the music industry (who else can’t wait to see pregnant Queen B take the stage this year?) but with guaranteed good weather and the most stylish outfit choices, head to the warm air of California for ultimate festival goals. Image credit: Travel House Día de Muertos The Día de Muertos festival, or ‘Day of the Dead’ festival isn’t as morbid as it sounds. You’ll probably have seen the famous popular ‘Catrina’ skeleton face paint ask
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by Charlotte Briggs It’s true that your friends are the family who you choose. As we all try and navigate adult life, we learn lessons from the break ups, the make ups, our successes, our failures and trying to find our feet as individuals. But it’s the lessons that our friends teach us that are sometimes the most valuable. They’re there for the laughs, the lows, and tend to share some of the weirder and wilder experiences with us. The lessons that my best gals have taught me are invaluable, and here’s why. 1. Wherever
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A girl can never have too many shoes, right? Ignore those who tell you otherwise - it's time to treat your feet... The Sandal The Western Boot The Trainer The Espadrille The Block Heel The Pom Pom The Ballet The Slider The Ankle Wrap Shop Shoes
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By Sarah Pritchard Come yours or anyone's big day, chances are you you'll come across some or all of these gems. Sit back, relax and read and relate... 1. The Maid of Honour This is your best friend, you've known each other for years, your mum treats her like a daughter and she grew up alongside you and your siblings. She'll also stand there laughing as you panic watch the other 9 girls causing havoc - don't worry, she'll always have a glass of wine on hand to calm your nerves. 2. The Distant Cousin She
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When the sun makes an appearance, it’s tempting to head straight to a beer garden for drinks with the girls. But if your pocket is a little short and you’d rather skip the crowds, a picnic with your squad is what spring days are all about.The very word picnic makes our jeans feel that bit tighter but forget the beige buffet and check out our guide to eating al fresco with a little sass... Someone Say Margarita? Martha Stewart’s Margarita Melon is a revelation! Soak wedges of watermelon in tequila with a