by Ella
Here are 10 things that prove the struggle is real! Suddenly having loads of 'mates' (no, I don't know you and no, you're so not getting a free drink) Customers complaining about how long they have been waiting when there is one of you and 100000 people waiting to be served Accusing you of short changing them, you’re the drunk one, I can still count When a group of lads try and convince you to do a shot with them but you’re stone cold sober and hate them all The old guy who wants to have a DMC mid shift Nothing compares to the stickiness of Red Bull on your hands for 8 hours When you’re ready to close but there’s about 3 couples still getting off on the dance floor that Just. Won't. Leave. Praying your tips add up to a taxi home People thinking you're doing the walk of shame Getting in at the time everyone else is getting up Image source: Giphy
by boohoo
Today Taylor turns another year older and we've got all of the reasons why we When her music videos looked like the most fun place to be ever I mean, just look... When she rocked a princess dress like no other Bow down everyone else... When her squad looked a little like this A-listers everywhere I mean who wouldn't want this? When she was never afraid to let loose Show 'em what you got Tay Tay When her collabs included Ed Sheeran Just yes When she took part in the Apple ad When she spoke the truth When
by Laura
We caught up with Irish babel and BNTM finalist, Alannah at our festival shoot in Cape Verde to talk modelling, everyday inspo and living the dream... See what went down...
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by Katie
When everything is turning to sh!t and you wondered what you did in a past life to deserve so much bad luck, it’s time to re-evaluate the sitch. As they say; your vibe attracts your tribe and creating a positive energy will attract just that. After
by Stacey
There's a whole squad of Hollywood's golden gang that seemed to have been blessed with eternal youth. We'll have a dose of what they've had please... Gwen Stefani, 47 This Sh** is bananas. Just HOW does Gwen get that glow? Classic beauty? Check. Ban