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by Sam Grisdale Our gift to you this rather dreary December day is the secret to our ULTIMATE ho-ho-hot chocolate we prep every Christmas Eve for when Father C comes to visit down our chimney. We think our main man deserves an extra special lil' summin summin when it comes to his hot beverage of choice during his crazy busy evening. So we turned to the one thing that brings forever love and solves *almost* all of life's problems; You're gonna need: 1 1/3 cups milk3 tbsp Nutella (+ the rest of the jar for eating after!)What you need to do: Add the Nutella and 1/3 cup milk to a saucepan over a medium-low heat and whisk until combined.Gradually add the rest of the milk, whilst continually gently whisking. Remove from heat as soon as the mixture starts to boil. Pour into your fave mug and cuddle up on the sofa in your cosiest PJS and snuggly blanket e for the ULTIMATE hot chocolate experience. Optional Additions: Marshmallows, cream, candy cane, flavoured syrup, cinnamon Image credit: Instagram
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Tom Hardy. Topless. Looking cute AF. Has Santa read our Christmas list early? Yep, our #MCE, Tom Hardy is featured in this month's Esquire mag to promote his new TV drama, Taboo and we are drooling. Literally. (Can you blame us?) Image credit: Esquire
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by Jess Jepson While the majority of us are overly-excited by the thought of fashion must-haves, unicorn merch and, of course, emoji poo cushions, when it comes to celeb gifts they're a whole new ball game. They're often worth more than our house, car and ALL our belongings times by like, a million! Insane, right? So in run up to the big man’s visit this month, let’s take a look back over the most insane celebrity gifts EVER… Those Kardashian Kars... Most 18 year-olds can only dream of owning their first car, but I thi
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The most wonderful time of the year is here, however it doesn't all always go to plan. Here's stages of Christmas - what we expect, and what really happens... Pets at Christmas Expectation Christmas with our favourite critters - what a dream! Realit