by Laura
This week, the ever-adorable @elvis_la_frenchie came to visit us at boohooHQ. Head over to Facebook to see if you can guess how many steps it took him to pay everyone a visit...
Take a hike...
by Laura
This week, we're crushin' on Manchester-based blogger, model and all round cool cat, Starr Clare. At just 21 years old, she's currently studying fashion and has a whopping 12.1k followers on IG - we can't get enough of her pastel pink locks. Here's what went down when we asked her some of life's big questions... Describe your style in three words… Mixture of everything! What’s your go-to outfit at the minute… A big faux fur coat and a baker boy hat. What are your makeup bag essentials… Lip balm! Also a red or nude lipp
by boohoo
By Charlotte Briggs It’s official ladies and gentlemen, the festive period has ended far too soon and those pesky January blues have firmly set in. Whilst most of us will be mourning the loss of daytime TV and Quality Street binges for another year, the celebs of La La Land are embarking on their own post-Christmas hiatus to sunnier horizons. Prepare for some serious vacay inspiration as we look back on some of the most insane holidays ever, cause they’re celebrities who want to get out of here. 1. Taylor Swift’s 4th J
by Stacey
Pinterest is a great place. We lose hours scrolling, saving quotes and making dream boards on the daily. Inspo is everywhere. We've rounded up some of the most rad bathrooms on there to give you all the inspo... Image credit Use gold accents and subtle pops of colour to give your bathroom some character Image credit Make wood a real feature by doubling it up as your sink and a super chic dressing area Image credit After an all white affair? This is how to do it. Use step storage to display your everyday
by Laura
January is upon us meaning one thing and one thing only - the (dreaded) detox. Whether you're cutting out carbs, going juice-crazy or eating clean to get lean, one things for sure, you're gonna be drinking a lot more water. It's time to upgrade your H20! Wanna know how? We got this... You're gonna need: Raspberries Mint Lime Water Ice A jug Mason jars Get infusing! In a jug, add a few sprigs of mint to your taste. Add two handfuls of ice cubes. Throw in the raspberries. Pour in enough water to fill the j
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