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Girl, it's time to update your playlist. See what's hot and what's just dropped right this way... Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larrson - Symphony Clean Bandit are back with another fire collab, this time with mega babe, Zara Larsson and it's giving us all the Kate Bush vibes. Hit those high notes, girl. Milky Chance ft. Izzy Bizu The trio who gave us, Stolen Dance and Flashed Junk Mind are back with songstress, Izzy Bizu taken from their second album, Blossom - which is also released today. Winning. Mura Masa & Charli XCX - 1 Night Following the news his debut album is finish, Mura Masa has dropped a teaser of what we can expect from To Fall Out Of Love To with his collab with the always babein, Charli XCX. Summer jam, sorted.
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by Charlotte Briggs With Valentine’s Day swiftly behind us, it’s time to celebrate the most important holiday of the Spring season –Paddy’s Day. With a cheer from the Emerald Isle and more Guinness novelty hats than you can sink a pint at, it’s no wonder everyone’s in a grand old good mood (even the bar staff!). So how can we show our appreciation for this wonderful festivity? I suggest we show o
by Stacey
Everyone remembers last week when an ordinary BBC live video interview went from calm to chaos when Prof Robert Kelly's two children burst into the room? Well they're back to say what went down when they became an internet sensation... And if you mi
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by Kara Godfrey 1. She’s the head of the household Belle, unlike other heroines, is the head of her household. She doesn’t have the patriarchal father dictating her every move, nor does she rely on him to look after her. Her relationship with her father is one of the sweetest throughout Disney, as she never tries to defy or upset him; she simply looks after him and shows him respect as her elder.
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by Amita Kundlani It's been 10 years since the final episode of The O.C. aired. Despite only having four seasons (sob!) there were some pretty unforgettable moments c/o Seth and co. From shootings and breakups to weddings and divorces (and a WHOLE lot of crazy drama) here are the life lessons we've learnt from The O.C. Breakfast is the best meal of the day We wanna be in a family where bagels are on the menu EVERYDAY. Sarcasm is the best defence And the easiest way to ruin emotional moments. Your first time is actually kind of awkward Enough said. Christmukkah is the best time of the year Christmas is amazing, but Christmukkah is even better! There’ll always be a Christmukkah miracle. You’re gonna get your heart broken Things don’t always go as planned It doesn’t mean it won’t get better though! Uni will actually change you Whether you become an environmentalist or an artist, you’ll meet new people and change as a person. But it doesn’t mean you still can’t be your old self. Cherish y