It's official. Fitzroy is THE bee's knees. Whilst in the city, we spent nearly everyday walking down Smith and Brunswick in awe of all of the amazing shops, espresso bars, restaurants and bars. It's safe to say we fell in love. Firstly with The Lair - an account I have been srysly lusting over on Instagram for a looong time. I owe it to the totally bad a$$ and friendly girls in their who actually provided us with the rest of these top hot spots... Best Food In honour of my obsession for Avocado Toast after visiting Melbourne, (which I basically ate for every meal) I have decided to bring out another blog -, so stay tuned. Truth be told I'm a big-on-breakfast kinda gal, so don't use this list as your end all be all, well unless what you're looking for good is a great brekkie. Alimentari – I'd go as far as to say THE best breafast I have ever eaten. Yep, that good. Portion size = spot on, whilst not too sweet, and super tasty. If you're stuck on choice then the lemon sauce (i
Last week was a big week for the boys, as they hosted the Launch party for boohooMAN's brand spanking new site and just like the site itself it was MEGA! Our favourite Melody Kane got the party started on the decks getting the likes of her music inspiration Misha B to throw some shapes. Raheem blew the crowd away with his velvet vocals. And, may have attracted more than just new fans as Stooshe’s very own Karis Anderson buzzed over the performance and even declared her love for him– we’re rooting for you girl (dream co
is actually a Superhero! They have special mind-reading powers *This meeting is so boring, where are we going for lunch?* *I'm thinking pizza* *Me TOO!* They know your Kryptonite And will keep you away from it at all costs, even if it's just a slice of chocolate cake on a Monday afternoon They're always ready with a decoy *manager asking for work you haven't done*BFF: Could we have a meeting now, there are things we really need to go through! They know the kitchen is really a secret lair Made for Monday morning gossip
No words necessary they know your mood before you do!
You hate them a little bit for this...
The Big Spender Daddy’s probably supplied them with money but they can afford everything and will do everything. Souvenirs for all the family? Yeah, why not? I’ll buy them all... in gold. The Organiser Always keeping a head count and checking everyone’s got everything they need. They’ve probably packed extra just in case you ‘forgot’ to bring factor 30. The Winger You weren’t even sure this person was still coming until you got to the airport. They’ve come with whatever they could find along the way. Run
Next rounds on you!
I thought we said no parents!
Ooo my passport!
Too often we don't take advantage of our cheeky lunch hour and feel obliged to stay in the office. Well not on Friday 18th, national reclaim you lunch break day, we're taking back our lunch breaks and doing something fun/ anything but work. Go outside and talk to strangers: I know it goes against the golden rule of stranger danger but there are some weird and wonderful people out there that may just surprise you, interest you or inspire you. You never know you might end up meeting The One. Go shopping: N
neigh problem...
she's so right though
it's a dogs life