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The Mother Hen Whether it’s a place for pre-drinks, or you just need to borrow a tampon the DL, this one has your back at all times. You can already picture her in her 40s with 3 kids under belt, rocking a comfortable pair of shoes teamed with a fleece. The Lone-Wolf Now, we all know for a fact that this girl is seeing EVERYTHING that we’re saying (and not just because we actually occasionally go and check to see if she’s still alive). She’s just too busy being mysterious to bother replying. The Organiser 1 new notification. Message from Charlotte. She’s found a glamping deal on Groupon and is demanding £70 quid from everyone before the end of the day to book it. The woman has zero chill. 4. The Over-Sharer I mean, we didn’t actually ask to hear about you and the BF’s cute romantic weekend away to The Lakes, but sure… all of us single ones are loving every minute of this. Please, tell us more. It’s not like we’re running out of data or anything. 5. The One Everyone Ignores Bless her. We love her, she tries… but nobody can be bothered. She’s either freaking out about something/someone stupid, or is sending us drunk messages from Maccies at 3am that make zero sense. 6. The One Every
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by Laura Callaghan Who says pink wearing is for Wednesdays? It’s time to update your ‘drobe and slay that pretty in pink trend all day, everryday… 1. The Shorts Oh-so-chic and super stylish, these dreamy shorts are oozing some srsly sophisticated vibes. 2. The Midi Dress Up your sex appeal in this ultra curve-hugging midi, the perf standout dress for summer slayin’. 3. The Coat Get ‘em hot under the collar with this loud ‘n proud pink statement

by Laura
Our forever babe, Vanessa Hudgens nailed festival chic and slayed as always in sister Stella's exciting new collab - that drops today don't ya know?! Dressed head-to-toe in our print of the season, gingham, she finished the look with a Western belt, Trilby and mirror shades for that effortless cool-girl vibe. Get the look...
by Stacey
Here's life lessons we learnt from our favorite Quahog residents. Always be yourself. Haters gonna hate Honesty is the best policy, MOST of the time... The grass will always seem greener Everyone loves a compliment Know your priorities If it seems t
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by Aqil Javed Summer's on its way A.K.A the season we all turn into sun worshippers, hit up beach parties and ALL the festivals. There's a reason it's everyone's fave time of year, right? Yet what's not so cool is the after-effects of all the partyi