10 Challenges Everyone Should Try In Their Life

By Kara Godfrey

Forget New Year's resolutions; try these challenges and really push yourself to be better.

Dry January

Don’t worry, what with it being February, you can gear yourself up over the next 11 months to try it in 2018. Especially as we’ll probably have ration books for prosecco by then.

No sugar for a month

Goodbye doughnuts and cake, hello carrots and hummus. No matter how much you try and kid yourself, that 11am bag of Maltesers isn’t good for ya. Forget hidden sugars (because fruit is good for you no matter what the agave-lovers say), but cut out the sweet snacks for a month and see how much better you feel. Word of warning; by day 5, you’ll be ready to rip Brenda from Finance’s head off, but by day 10, it will be worth it.

Run a good distance

Don’t worry, we all hate running. For some of us, just running to the bus is a feat, so try your couch to 5k and build up until you can run one. And make it fun; the Colour Run is perfect for a great atmosphere, or try the Tough Mudder challenge. Unless you’re hardcore and want to train for a marathon, in which good on you (and don’t come calling on me for your running buddy).

Three peaks

See above; whilst it is a tough challenge, climbing the three highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales not only provides a mental and physical challenge, but do it for a charity close to your heart and get raising money.

Social media for a week

A digital detox is always being promoted as a great way to switch off. But could you really do it? Delete those apps (yes, even Snapchat) and have a week with nothing but a phone that makes calls. You’ll suddenly find all that time for catching up on books, films and even going outside. Of course, did you even go to the park if you didn’t take a picture of it and share it on Instagram?

A photo a day

If your Instagram goes from ten selfies in the nightclub in one evening to none for months, try the photo a day challenge. You can choose a theme or just whatever takes your fancy, but it makes you look up and around you and who knows, you may spot something you'd never noticed before on the dog walk or commute.

Marie Kondo clear out

Wardrobe spilling over? Half used beauty products? Channel Marie Kondo and clear your life of anything that bums you out. That foundation that makes you as orange as Trump? Bin it. That jumpsuit that gives you camel toe? Charity. Embrace your emptier, more zen life with empty cupboards and streamlined drawers. 


With a huge rise in veganism last year, it’s an easy way to help our planet a bit more as well as making your diet a bit more exciting. Ranging from Meat-Free Monday to Veganary, make small steps to cutting meat from your diet and add in beetroot noodles and butternut squash lasagne to your menu.

Random act of kindness

Have you ever received a note saying something nice from a stranger? We all know how an unexpected kind moment picks up your entire day. So try it yourself, and buy a coffee for the homeless man you always walk past. It's good karma after all.

Travel to 12 countries in a year

A popular challenge and one that is perfect to bump your Insta-game is travelling to 12 countries in a year. Equalling just one a month, we’re lucky to live in the UK (for now) due to being so close to so many beautiful European countries. You can fly to beautiful cities like Copenhagen, Poland and Spain for less than a train ticket home so start small and you’ll have bashed out a few countries in no time. And then at the end of the year? Reward yourself with a scratch map to really show off your amazingly well travelled self to everyone who enters your home.

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