10 of the Best Festive Food & Drinks on Insta RN

by Laura Callaghan

We love drooling over food porn on IG at any time of the year, but the festive grub and glasses of booze on our goods are literally taking us to heaven right now. Warning: be prepared for an ultimate food coma. 

1. Cheese, Chorizo and Sage Toastie

Credit: @bbcgoodfood

Festive sarnies are back and bigger than ever and we are DROOLING. Ditch the cheese and crackers, you’ve got your cheese fix right here.

2. Butternut Squash Pizza

Credit: @ful.filled

We know you can get butternut squash in soups and various other Christmas dishes, but on pizza? WTF? Why haven’t we already thought of this?

3. Maple Syrup and Vanilla Baked Pears 

Credit: @foodandwine

Talk about the ultimate sugar over-load with this sweet hazelnut treat. But its fruit so it totally counts as healthy…right?

4. Rosemary-Citrus Cocktails 

Credit: @cookinglight

It wouldn't be a merry Christmas without enjoying a few festive bevs, and we’d happily enjoy one (or two) of these.

5. Mince Pie Porridge

Credit: @whatiateforbreakfast

A little on the adventurous side, this homely breakfast looks good enough to get us out of our warm bed on a morning. Yum.

6. Eggnog Waffles

Credit: @foodandwine

Eggnog flavoured sweet treats are fab for that festive edge, and who doesn’t love waffles? MUST try.

7. Hot Chocolate Brownie Drinks

Credit: @drinks

If a drink could be made up from our dreams, this is exactly what it would look like. Talk about hot chocolate goals.

8. Cranberry tarts

Credit: @cookinglight

A great twist for those who aren’t part of the die-hard mince pie fan club: and don’t they look pretty?

9. Gingerbread houses

Credit: @ravbansal

By far the most next-level gingerbread house we’ve seen on our feeds, this looks way too pretty to eat. In fact, we’d just sit and stare at it. All day, everyday.

10. Mulled cider

Credit: @charmcityhomestead

Because if its got the word ‘mulled’ in it and contains alcohol, we want it. Sip a cup of this by a fire and you’ll be feeling festive as anything. Perfect.