10 Reasons Being A Short Sister Rules

With the likes of Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid walking the earth with their modelesque statue, it can be hard sometimes for us shorties to feel sassy. But fear not, we’ve got 10 reasons why it rocks to be petite.

No Leg Room Worries

No need to worry about long haul flights with short legs. Heck we can curl up in the overhead lockers or underneath the seat in front of us

Children’s Clothes Are For Us

Not only can we buy main range and petite but we can also fit into children’s clothes still, giving us more fashion freedom and less money spent!

'The Boy'

‘I can only date someone taller than me’ never comes out of our mouths so everyone fits the bill

Heels Are Your Oyster

Sure tall girls can get away with ‘just wearing flats’ but where’s the fun in that? From wedges to stilettos and chunky heels to platforms, us shorties have access to a whole range of shoe glory. Kitten heels need not apply 

We're Always Front Of Photos

You were probably used to being ‘front row-d’ at school and now in adult life this continues. From family shots to snaps of your girl squad, you’ll be front row and centre, so that amazing LBD you bought can really get the limelight it deserves

It's A Cheap Life

From getting student discount when you graduated five years ago to being sold a child ticket on public transport, your shortness saves money - fact

We're The Perfect Size To Little Spoon

We all know it’s better to be little spoon. You’re cocooned, you’re safe and you’re warm. Winning all round really

We Fit Everywhere

‘Room for a small one?’ we utter. There always is. Whether it’s a space in a car, sharing a bed, curling up on the sofa… we’re compact, we’re cute and we fit everywhere

We're Strong

Because we’ve become used to standing on our own two (short) feet in reaching for things and being generally perceived as ‘weak’, we’re actually pretty strong and fierce

All Hail The Baby Face

You’ll get ID-d for most of your life and get told you could pass for someone five years your junior. Hallelujah eternal youth

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