10 Reasons Louis Tomlinson Is The Ultimate Bae

By Eve Macdonald 

With his birthday today, here at boohoo we obvs wanted to celebrate all things Louis Tomlinson. Need convincing, here's 10 to get you started... 

1. He has the best sense of humour.

Louis is always joking around with the other members of the band or playing pranks on them.

2. He has amazing stage presence.

Louis puts everything into each song.

3. His sense of style is great.

It doesn't matter if he's just in jeans or is dressed up in a suit, he always looks fab.

4. He's a loyal BFF.

He and Harry Styles are friendship goals.

5. He has a kind heart.

He always takes the time out to speak to his fans.

6. We LOVE his tattoos.

They're fun and represent his colourful personality.

7. That hair. Omg.

He always has that perfect “just-rolled-out-of-bed” messy look.

8. He seems like the best kind of Dad.

His Instagram posts of Freddie are just so cute!

9. He plays the piano, and is amazing at it.

Do we need any more reasons to fall in love with him?!

10. He’s a semi-professional football.

There's literally nothing he's not good at.

GIF source: Giphy