10 Reasons Why Coffee Never Lets You Down

By Katie Forrester 

Feel like you're in a committed relationship with coffee? Addicted to that smooth rich caffeine hit and inhaling the intense aroma? Another sleepless night, you hit the snooze button for the umpteenth time and build a duvet fort. It can't be time to face the world yet? Snore. And then you remember, coffee is life.

1. Bad day? 

He got you bae. After 1 cup you can take on the world

2. Hangover? 

Pah, pass me the espresso  

3. Going independent

There's nothing more comforting than a visit to your local independent coffee shop for the finest hand crafted flat white and a spot of brunch

4. That hot barista 

You know the one with the cheeky smile, who gets it right every time 

5. Loyalty card lovin'

When your loyalty card is fully stamped so you go all out on a caramel macchaito with whipped cream topping. Nom

6. Someone say cake? 

Guess what coffee goes hand in hand with? Cake!

7. Girlie goss

Sunday afternoon with the girls, a bucket sized cappuccino and the latest goss

8. For the 'Gram

The love heart sitting pretty on your skinny latte. Skills!

9.  Say my name

When they call your name, hand over your personalised order and you feel special until the very last mouthful

10. Christmas 

From pumpkin spice to gingerbread, the options are endless. Wrapped up in a festive jumper print cup, it puts a smile on your face every time

Dependant you say? Maybe. Devoted? Always.

Love Always, your No.1 fan x

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