10 Reasons Why We Love 1D's Niall

They might be on 'a break' but that doesn't mean that we're takin' a break from givin' out the love to the 1D members. As Niall, the 'cute' one, turns 23 this week, we thought it would be a perf time for a round up of reasons why we all have a soft spot in our hearts for the Irish hottie

1. He's just so. so. CUTE. Ever since his X Factor debut, we knew fo' sure, we were gonna love him

2. He's proved he's a guy who got swag. Yo, we got yo back

3. He's hot. That cheeky smile of his. And before you ask, Yes, Niall, your hair looks sexy pushed back

4. He always puts on a show for his allegiance of fans. And he cares about them too

5. He has a good heart. He took part in the ice bucket challenge for charity, whilst giving us another opportunity to check out his hotness

6.  He can play the guitar.  Ahhhhh ... picture the scene... Niall gazing into our eyes as he strums the chords to, and sings along to 'Little Things'.........Aaaaannnnd back to reality. #WeCanDream

7. He's Irish. A guy with an Irish accent deffo gets our attention. Yes Niall we know you're Irish. And that's just one of the reasons why we love you

8. He rocks a Christmas jumper well. Meet us under the mistletoe?

9. He ain't afraid to show his soft side 

10. Soz, but just had to finish with this gem. Still love ya Niall

Have a rockin' 23rd bday Niall, we bloomin' love ya x

GIF source: Giphy