10 Signs You’re Way More Into Him Than You're Letting On

by Charlotte Briggs

With V Day officially over, singletons can safely emerge back into society without fear. But what if you’ve had that special someone all along who you’re oh so into, but not quite admitting it. Aren’t we all supposed to be strong independent women who don’t need no man?! If you’ve been shot by Cupid’s arrow but aren’t quite letting on (because - feelings), here’s my foolproof list that yep babe, you're in denial...

1. You think about him a helluva lot

2. Everything reminds you of him

That song on your playlist, an article he’d like, that old man in the shop wearing the same loafers. Whatever it is that reminds you of him, you usually stop yourself mid-Whatsapp from telling him. Tut tut. 

3. You catch yourself smiling at nothing

This is my worst trait if I’m into somebody but I’m trying to act aloof. You catch yourself mid-daydream grinning at the wall like the Cheshire Cat with a few strange glances aimed in your direction. Totally worth it though. 

4. You get butterflies when you think about him

So lame but oh so true. If it’s not indigestion anyway.   


5. He distracts you from everything

If he distracts you more than a new season release on Netflix, you know you’re falling hard. 

6. You start to care more about your appearance when you’re around him

If you’re usually quite low maintenance but find yourself putting more effort into your appearance than usual, it means you care. And we all know what that means #smitten

7. You pay attention to the little things

Another guilty trait of mine. If he mentions his favourite sweets, guess who’s gonna turn up with some the next time we hang out. From his fave coffee shop to that book he’s been reading, you want to pay attention to find the stuff that makes him smile. Crushes are weird like that. 

8. You play with your hair whilst you’re hanging out

You little minx you. 

9. You may or may not have imagined what it’d be like if you guys ended up together

Bridget Jones style obviously. 

10. You want to spend your free time with him

Always. You love hanging out so much, but you’re scared that you might come across too keen. Sigh. In the words of Pat Benatar, Love is a Battlefield. Just don’t forget to have fun along the way.

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